i think one wants to be mine.... can't wait to get  myself a puppy!

i think one wants to be mine.... can't wait to get myself a puppy!

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Too rushed for frosting? Place a large marshmallow on each cupcake five minutes before they finish baking. It will melt and make a yummy toasted marshmallow topping. - May not be pretty, but it's delish :): Cupcake, Frosting, Toasted Marshmallow, Plac

Green-Headed Tanager (Tangara Seledon) taken at Itatiaia RJ Brazil, June, 2008.: Greenheaded, Beautiful Birds, Color Palette, Animal

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Two thieves

Mesolite from India http://japan-russia.jimdo.com/moscow-lonely-planet-amazon-forum-allsaints/: India Gem, Minerals Crystals Rocks, Gemstones Minerals, Gemstones Rocks, Gemstones Crystals, Rocks Gemstones, Minerals Rocks Crystals, Rocks Gems Minerals, Cry

I love Australian Shepherds. Have had standards and now have a mini. Wonderful dogs.: Australian Shepard, Australian Shepherd Dogs, Dogs Aussies, Animals Dogs, Puppy, Adorable, Baby, Friend, Australian Shepherds Dogs

Empire Vs. Rebellion Healthcare

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.love this...love boxers and rainy days...just the perfect pair :): Boxer Dogs, Animals, Pet, Puppy, Boxers, Rain Rain, Rainy Days, Friend, Photography

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