If it fits it sits.

If it fits it sits.

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Niessing.de hat sie unter anderem auf Schallschutz- / Abgaschalldämpfer-Systeme, Abluft- / Abgasanlagenbau uvm. spezialisiert.: Under, Amongst Other Things, Easy Handmade, Handmade Flowers, Handmade Website

Bath time lol.......: Funny Cats, Cat Baths, Bath Cats, Poor Cats, Wet Cats, Bathing Cats, Died Laughing, Animal, Bath Time

Water Reflection, Water Reflections, Animated Gif, Animated Gifs, Animated Landscapes, Animated Landscape.

Scarlet-faced liocichla, Liocichla ripponi

Magnolias.. one of my absolute favourites :): Magnolias, Nature, Gardens, Beautiful Flowers, Photo, Spring

A heartwarming story of how one person CAN make a difference in the world! Beautiful and sweet story about a family who rescues an elderly dog and fills his world with the love he so deserves. | #dog #love #rescue: Work, Heartwarming Story, Animal Rescue,

Because who wants to put the lid on the bottom of the container while eating a Pringles chip?

How To Paint Mason Jars 1.jpg

Christmas Tree Cupcake! I'm not sure I could bring myself to eat this.: Cup Cakes, Cupcake Cupcake, Christmas Time, Christmas Cakes, Cups, Xmas, Christmas Tree Cupcakes, Christmas Trees, Christmas Cupcakes

I would never put make up on my baby but this picture is adorable.: Girls, Babies, Makeup, Baby Girl, Pinup, Kids, Pin Up