If there is no engagement ring this is a great band

If there is no engagement ring this is a great band

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Nike style Comfy- beginning to like wearing workout clothes more regularly: Fashion, Style, Workout Gear, Workout Outfits, Nike Shoes, Nikes, Work Out, Workout Clothes, Gym Outfit

Cutest Part About Naptime, Sweet Dreams Kitties!: Kitty Cats, Animals, Sweet, Meow, Pets, Kitty Kitty, Kittens, Feline, Friend

It's insane how cute baby hippos are: Tiny, Babies, Babyhippos, Hippopotamus, Baby Hippo So, Cute Hippos, Baby Animals, Cute Baby Hippos

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"Whaaaaad ya sayin'??" - Does your Boston do this, too?? [Vega the Boston Terrier]

plunge pool. I've been noticing for the last few yrs. now that pool designers are now edging pools with grass. Nice look, not sure how the chlorine would affect grass? Then again, everyone switching to saltwater, right?: Plunge Pool, Water Features, O

100% true, my dog maximizes kiss/lick-potential in every situation: Animals, Dogtags, Dogs, Dog Tags, Pets, Funny, Puppy

Maxi Dress: Summer Dress, Summer Maxi Dress, Summer Outfit, Black Maxi Dress, Street Style, Clothing Boutique, Maxi Dress Outfit

So beautiful....my Kippy looked like this when he was younger. Now he is an "old man"....but just as pretty to me. <3: Adorable Sheltie, Sweetest Dogs, Baby Lady, Dogs Shelties, Dogy S, Beautiful Sheltie

"Juicy Lucy" Burger Cupcakes. These are made with plain cupcakes, coconut, and three kinds of frosting. Seems like a wonderful way to freak out family, friends, co-workers, etc.: Sweet, Recipe, Food, Hamburger Cupcakes, Burgers, Cupcake Idea, Juic