It's her reaction that's hilarious!!! OMG!!

It's her reaction that's hilarious!!! OMG!!

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I was angry at first, but then I verbally went aww in the end X3 worth reading!: Lgbt Drawings, Drawing Style, Comic Drawing, Reading Xd, Transgender Drawing, Lgbt Comics, Transgender Comic, Stay Awesome

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Simple, pretty, elegant. Maybe a good option for scar coverage or nipple replacement? []: Pink Butterfly, Butterflies, Insect Art, Pink Glasswing, Fine Art, Butterfly Photo, 8X10 Fine

A dog house heated & cooled using geothermal energy...awesome but how do you keep other "pests" out??: Dogs, Pet Stuff, Dog Houses, Fur Babies, Dog Stuff, Underground Dog, Animal

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I almost peed I laughed so hard at this: Picture, Giggle, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Things, Comment, Funnystuff

//Click for gif set// Can you guys imagine how GUILTY Steve feels after knowing what happened to Bucky and read his file?: Winter Soldier, Captain America, Kill, Steve And Bucky, Superheroes, Bucky Barnes, Fandom, Steve Bucky, Bucky Steve

The time they didn’t think out this sign’s layout better: | 29 Times That Walmart Was The Best At Failing: White Folk, Giggle, Cracker, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Humor, Funnystuff