It\'s so fluffy im gonna die!! / OUR PETS (group board)

It\'s so fluffy im gonna die!! / OUR PETS (group board)

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concept ships: Butcher Class Heavy Gunship by KaranaK: Conceptart Hi Tech, Class Heavy, Butcher Class, Concept Art, Concept Ship, Conceptship, Sci Fi, Scifi Spacecraft

Inspiring so i had to repin. She was and is beautiful!!! You tell them!! :) ❤ I hate bullying so much... :(: Girls, Quotes, Judge, Wrong, Hate Bullying, Things, People, Bullies

Scientific Proof

For All The Football Fans

Pink tulips. At my wedding I want red flowers in honor of my grandma, her favorite color and heritage. She is the reason I am the young woman I am today.: Pink Flower, Color, Beautiful Flowers, Bloom, Flowers, Pretty, Garden, Pink Tulips, Favorite Flower

I laughed WAY too hard at this!: Giggle, Funny Shit, Funny Pictures, Funny Stuff, Funny Quotes, Funnies, Humor

Raptors Of The Galaxy

Australian cattle dogs...Blue & Red Heelers Love this breed so smart and loyal!: Australian Cattle Dogs, Red Healer, Blue Heeler Dogs, Red Heelers, Blue Heelers Dogs, Australian Cattle Dog Puppy, Blue Red, Dogs Blue

Her opening line when I heard her speak, so powerful. treat people the way you would want to be treated!!!!! Old saying, but great advice.: Wise Quote, Wisdom Quote, Maya Angelou Quote, Quotes, Favorite Quote, Random Quote, Powerful Quote, Advice Quote, G

Why is this as funny as it is?