its funny cause its so true!

its funny cause its so true!

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is it just me, or does this kitty look like Justin Timberlake?: Cats, Hipster Cat, Kitten, Animals, Hipster Kitty, Pet, Funny, Things, Hipstercat

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So precious. If you ever have the love of a dog your life will be changed forever!: Labrador, Dogs, Tired Boy, Yellow Labs, Pet, Labrador Retrievers, Friend, Yellow Labrador, Animal

Sweeney Ridge Shiba Inu Custom Message Sign: Shiba Inu, Ridge Shiba, Message Sign, Inu Custom, Sweeney Ridge, Shiba Stuff

Rainbow Butterfly - Beautiful!: Animals, Butterflies, Color, Beautiful, Rainbows, Flutterby

true conversation with darling daughter 4 years ago when we adopted our kitty: Me: Lets get some cat nip for cat. DD: What's cat nip? Me: It is a treat for cats. They lurve it, and it makes them act so silly. DD: Why does it make them act silly?

In every garden there are weeds. The trick is how to kill the weeds you hate without killing the plants you love. The answer is as simple as pouring boiling water on them! Within a few hours, the plants will be dead, their leaves and roots shriveled up, b

Pop! #Nordstrom #Swarovski Crystal Gumball Machine: Decor, Glitzybella, Crystal Gumball, Glitzy Bella, Gumball Machines, Swarovski Crystals, Things, Bella Junior, Gum Ball

IMG_5318a | Flickr - Photo Sharing!: Beautiful Butterflies, Butterfly, Lime, Flowers, Photo, Animal

HARK, I hear a robin calling! List, the wind is from the south! And the orchard-bloom is falling Sweet as kisses on the mouth. L.M. Montgomery: Eggs, Bird Nests, Birds, Spring, Robins Egg, Birdnest