its funny cause its so true!

its funny cause its so true!

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Hahhahahahahah! When I saw it it scared the crap out of me!!!!: Mcdonald Running, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Mcdonalds, Monster Donut, Percy Jackson

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Cheese!! now don't take it the wrong way but this reminds me of my son lol he loves the camera every time we pull it out he says cheese in makes a face just like this lol: Animals, Dogs, Pet, Cheese, Puppy, Funny Animal, Smile

love birds~- Exclusive Tshirt For Pet Lovers - *** Just Release - Not Store *** You can find more information at: Birds So Sweet, Couple, Lovebird, Where, Valentine, Cordon Bleu

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One of the world's largest amethyst geodes, the Empress of Uruguay, is located in Australia's Crystal Caves. It stands an alarming eleven feet tall and is filled with magnificent, deep violet crystals.: Alarming Eleven, Violet Crystals, Worlds Lar

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my mom raised persians when I was a kid, imagine resisting the urge to love the you know what out of this!!! No touching!!: Cats, Animals, So Cute, Pet, Baby, Kittens, Exotic Shorthair, Kitty