Jesus saves bro . racer tank by greythread on Etsy, $24.00

Jesus saves bro . racer tank by greythread on Etsy, $24.00

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Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon in dresses. That is all.

brigitte bardot: April 1969, Sexy, Post, Beauty, Brigittebardot, Brigitte Bardot, Women, Photo

Cat seems to approve

Awwww! It's trying to catch his shadow. THE DOG VERSION OF PETER PAN!!! MWAHH

OP: " never seen such a big cat in my life :)" The gigantors I've mostly seen are Maine Coons- they are phluffy kittehs. This is a Really Humongous short haired cat! Has he eaten anyone? Are you SURE????: Huge Cat, Big Cats, Animals, Maine Coo

Only since I do not have kids and this has never happened to me do I find this hilarious! Otherwise, not so much..: Giggle, Parents, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Humor, Kids, Parenting

Looks exactly like my 4 black cats <3 :): Cats, Animals, Chat Noir, Black Cats, Black Kitties, Beautiful Black, Kitty, Blackcat

Chalcopyrite...peacock ore...found in areas with copper ore.: Geology Rocks, Gorgeous Rocks, Stone Gems, Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore Found, Rock Gems, Celestial Crystals Spirit, Crystals Stones, Crystals Spirit Stones, Crystals Gemstone Minerals

Just when I was starting to think there are not enough weird images online, this one popped up.: Scary, Rabbit, Funny, By, Creepy Picture, Bunnies, Easter Bunny, Creepypasta

Outdoor+Bird+Supplies | huge-outdoor-bird-cage-outdoor-aviary-outdoor-bird-enclosure.jpg: Aviary Ideas, Birdcages, Pet Bird Cage, Bird Cages, Cockatiels Birds, Animal