Jetpacks are here

Jetpacks are here

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Lilly moth: Animals, Color, Lilies, Lilymoth, Lily Moth, Butterflies Moth

Futuristic: Yachts Boats, Boats Yachts Ships, Vehicle, Movie, Future Boat, Boats Ships, Submarine

Fat cat. Calico. Skinny cat. Hairless. "Girl, you need a cheeseburger.": Cats, Animals, Girl, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Cheeseburger

Brazilian Bikini Bottoms in Indio Desert Print by AZTECASWIMWEAR, $45.00: Tribal Bikini, Swimsuits, Indio Desert, Brazilian Bikini

Why hasn't this happened to me?: Car, Babies, Fall Asleep, Awwww I, Animals, School, Baby Foxes, Pet Fox

Umm, I guess I’m going to sleep over here (* ANIMATED GIF * - keep clicking through to the source site to see it play)

They are the best dogs!! My Monk has hugged me like this numerous times through the years.: Doggie, Animals, Best Friends, Dogs, Rottie, Pets, Puppy, Rottweiler

Love love love these outfits of the week, perfect for fall + winter and definitely my style.: Girly Outfit, Tumblr Outfit, Outfit Ideas, Style, Winter Outfit, Cute School Outfit, Fall Outfit, Fall Winter, School Outfits

Rufous-crested Coquette. Looks like 3 or 4 separate birds thrown together.: Animals, Beautiful Birds, Hummingbirds, Ave

I Like His Initiative, He’s A Smart Kid