Kathryn Budig Yoga

Kathryn Budig Yoga

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TMI 30 day challenge. Day 25. Let's say you ate Fairy food, would you rather run naked with antlers on you head or be turned into an animal?: Doggie, Animals, Alaskan Klee Kai, Dogs, Pet, Puppys, Husky, Box, Adorable Animal

This guy: | 25 People Who Are A Million Times More Awkward Than You Are

Realistic Goal Body. We need more images like this! Some girls are meant to be curvy :): Body, Girls, Sexy, Tattoos, Beautiful, Half Sleeve, Beauty, Curves, Ink

Spotted Tanager photo by Nathan Rupert: Animals, Spotted Tanager, Nature, Color, Beautiful Birds

And He Is Not Even Crying

Now This Is Clever Street Art

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Just Like A Dead Horse