Keeping it real.:

Keeping it real.:

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When You Donate Blood

I think this picture is very Beautiful!!! I love the deep ness of her eyes!!!: Make Up, Faces, Blue, Makeup, Beautiful, Beauty, Hair, Eyes

you might b a nigger

Great looking shade container arrangement from Pot Inc. of begonias, coleus, margarita vine, hakone grass, and creeping jenny.: Hakone Grass, Container Arrangement, Outdoor, Container Plants, Gardening Windowboxes, Container Gardening, Margarita Vine, Win

“Throw the ball! Throw the ball! Throw the ball! I changed my mind, too lazy.”

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Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe ~ CHUNKS of pretzels, caramel bits, & chocolate chips. These are no wimpy cookies. They're thick, chunky, sweet, & salty and Oh So Good!: Cookie Monster, Chocolate Chips, Caramel Pretzel, Pretzel

This hot dog stand: | The 31 Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To Design: Hotdogs, Funny Shit, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Things, Hot Dogs

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