Lady balls.

Lady balls.

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Great Summer Style - denim cutoffs, white peasant top, silver hamsa necklace. nvl: Boho Chic, Cute Tops, Summer Style, Spring Summer, Summer Outfits, White Top, Summer Top, Blue And White

The Effect Of Caffeine

Handmade Porcelain Teapot $85: Glaze Teapot, Teapots Kettles, Colored Teapot, Teapot Teteras, Teiere Teapots Teteras, Azure Teapot, Ceramic Tea Pots, Ceramic Tea Kettle, Turquoise Teapot

DIY Garden Path of Leaves by from Lovely! #DIY #Garden_Path #Leaves: Craft, Elephant Ears, Cool Ideas, Leaf Stepping Stones, Kid

What Kind Of Goth Should You Be? You got: Fetish Goth Fetish goths are into bondage outfits and fishnet everything. Chains, leather, whips—it’s all fair game for the Fetish Goth. They don’t have time to brood, they’re too busy being sexy deviants.: Sexy,

I used to always blame it on genetics...and except for very specific cases, I think it's a b.s. CAN overcome genetics...I quit thinking you can't: Work Genetics, Work Outs, Reasons To Get Fit, Hard Work, Dream Body, No Excuse

A Special Swing For Wheelchair Users

Totally overpriced at $219, but a great DIY project. Repurposed ladder?: Garden Ideas, Gardening Ideas, Bag Terrace, Gardens, Terrace Kit, Terraces, Bags, Flower

Blue Morpho Butterfly - "What the ♥ has once known it shall never forget." ((for the love of Ashley)): Beautiful Butterflies, Butterfly Bush, Blue Butterfly, Flutterby, Blue Morpho, Animal

The Red-and-yellow Barbet (Trachyphonus erythrocephalus) is a species of African barbet found in eastern Africa. So pretty and unique!: Color, Yellow Barbet, Pretty Birds, Beautiful Birds, Animal