Laughing hysterically!!!

Laughing hysterically!!!

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Hauser--Cat Out Tin Sign / / it would be a tiny bit easier to buy the sign instead of make it...: Cats, Signs, No Matter What, Don'T Let, Funny, Allposters Com, Don T, Cat Lady

Have You Tried Turning It On And Off?: Funny Animals, Greyhound Relaxes, Dogs, Stuff, Greyhounds Animals, Funny Pictures, Girlfriends Greyhound, My Girlfriend

Why are you so sad, Window Kitten? Hopefully because you keep ruining your mom's photos and you are guilty about it! Ugh.: Cats, Animals, Pets, Funny, Kittens, Baby, Photo, Kitty

This will be me someday. An old lady with a house of pugs, instead of the typical "cat lady." My children will definitely worry that I have lost my mind. Jon will probably move out. I will be a pug hoarder. ;): Crazy Pug, Pug Lady, Lady Art, Art P

Chinese painting of beautiful woman (中国美人画) - ✯ Feminine Beauty, Oriental, Beautiful, Chinese Beauty, Illustration, Chinese Art, Beauty Art, Painting, Asian Art

Great visual to show how big, exactly, various carats are on an average finger.: Engagementring, 1 25 Carat, Wedding Ideas, Dream Wedding, Wedding Rings, Diamond Sizes, Carat Size, Engagement Rings

The Pheasant-tailed Jacana (Hydrophasianus chirurgus) is a jacana in the monotypic genus Hydrophasianus. The Pheasant-tailed Jacana breeds in India, southeast Asia, and Indonesia. It is sedentary in much of its range, but northern breeders from south Chin

bahahaha!! you have to read the caption.: Giggle, Dogs, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Things, Funnystuff

funny memes - Bing Images: Car, Picture, Funny Stuff, Even, Humor, Things, Rednecks

In the Army ... Behind the Army. Let's keep 'em pulling for victory. A General Motors industrial mobilization poster from WWII. Vintage WWII poster, circa 1942. #wwii #army: General Motors, Propaganda Posters, Mobilization Poster, Wwii Posters, Ti