Little black dress.: Style, Prada Dress, Prada Black, Outfit, Closet, Things, Little Black Dresses

Little black dress.: Style, Prada Dress, Prada Black, Outfit, Closet, Things, Little Black Dresses

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Such leg. Many wants. So bootyful. Much love. Impress doge.: Leggings Samantha, Fashion, Leggings Tights, Fun Stuff, Crazy Leggings, Funny Stuff, Doge Leggings, Impress Doge, Leggings Corgis

The Elements of a Great Outdoor Space: The sound of a gurgling fountain is a soothing addition to your backyard oasis. Keep it simple with a tabletop fountain or get more elaborate with a professionally installed bubbling stream at the patio's edge. F

Oh, I would feel like Goldilocks eating out of these bowls...: Idea, Pattern, Cath Kidston, Pretty Dish, Kitchen, Bowls

Old Dutch pieces I love the pitcher, but what really caught my eye is the windmill shaker. I have this set of s Shakers! They were my grandmother's.: Blue China, Aiken House, White China, Blue White, House Gardens, Blue Transferware, Things Blue, Whit

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Pygmy Kingfisher - This little fella and just flown into our window and winded himself. He took about ten minutes to recover before flying off. I zoomed in from a distance as didn't want to upset him further. I think he must have been quite young as h

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