love the orange shirt with the necklace

love the orange shirt with the necklace

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got your nose.

Phalaenopsis Orchid and Twig Arrangement: Orchids Orchideeën, Orchid Arrangements, Tropical Arrangements, Anggrek Orchids, Twig Arrangement

Huge rose quartz crystal!: Rose Quartz, Quartz Crystal, Rosequartz, Crystals Healing Gems Rocks, Roses, Giant Rose, Crystals Gemstones, Art Minerals Gemstones, Gemstone Minerals Rocks

When You See it: Post 205. Apparently kitty does. 1 rule of selfies, dont stand by a mirror: Scary, When You See It, Random, Funny, Dog, Animal, Cat Sees

Sapphire and diamond necklace, late 19th century. From the Habsburg Sapphire Parure of Empress Marie-Louise of France.

Tiny Gold Ring Plain Gold Circle Ring Simple by CatherineMarissa: Simple Gold Rings, Tiny Gold, Simple Silver Ring, Plain Gold

Sea Turtle in a tiny bottle necklace. bottle is 18 mm tall and the turtle is about 5 mm or 0.5 cm head to tail. 18 inch chain. $45.00 #jewelry

I cannot stop watching this. I tried this once, not on a trampoline, but I did fine. My sister fell down the stairs..................

Bugatti Gangloff Concept: Bugatti Gangloff, Gangloff Concept, Stuff, Vehicle, Wheels, Auto, Concept Cars

The pier of Brighton, England