Love the red, but the blue... Yes!

Love the red, but the blue... Yes!

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I always have a Dior Addict Lip Glow in at least my core handbags. I never leave my house without it. I even have a backup Lip Glow on my desk at work! This miracle balm saves me every time! -Oliva A., Beauty Advisor #Sephora #DailyObsessions: Lipglow, Ma

funny office pranks pictures I shall do the cup one in high school as a senior prank!!!!!: Evil Pranks, School Pranks, Funny Office Pranks, Senior Pranks, Funny Pranks, Pranks Pictures, High Schools

Five Minutes Into Flowing Water And Chill And Earth Gives You This Look

His Lost Twin Brother

Avro CF-105 Arrow (1959) Look at how big it was in comparison with the people! This aircraft was so advanced there was a lot of politics from America and here in Canada. The project was scrapped. Many of the engineers found jobs with NASA and Northrop and

Students Practice Inserting Clipart and Text boxes (Use a computer rather than a monkey) A fun activity using Microsoft Word that students can use to learn how to insert and manage clip-art and text boxes for illustration and annotation. These skills are

This Guy Handles Texting His Cheating Ex-Girlfriend Like A Champion (Photos): Funny Texts, Ex Text, Cheating Girlfriend, Cheating Text, Cheating Ex Girlfriend, Guy Handles, Handles Texting, Champion Photos

I would much rather receive thank you gifts of leaves instead of a mouse. Thank you cat. You are progressive.: Cats, Vegan Cat, Gift, Leave, Funny Cat, Funny Pictures, Funny Animal, Kitty, Cat Lady

Oh my gosh this is so cute!!!: Real, Animals, Boo, Dogs, Pet, Funny, Puppy, Pomeranian

FB-111C (possibly a G model) Aardvark, No. 82 Wing – RAAF Base Amberley, Royal Australian Air Force: Helicopter, 371 640 Pixels, Airplanes, Fly, Aircraft, Birds, Fighter