... love these . Zodiac Signs

... love these . Zodiac Signs

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Tree Frog Photography Home Decor by LongForgotten on Etsy, $18.00: Animal Nature Photography, Frogs Photography, Nature Animal, Animal Photography, Photography Nature, Amazing Frogs

"You doctor yet?" "No Dad, I'm 12

This photo reminds me of a saying.......without change, there would be no Butterflies.........;): Beautiful Butterflies, Amazing, Butterfly, Nature, Beauty, White Butterflies, Photo, Beautiful Creatures, Animal

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Drops of oil in water, colorful paper behind...maybe.... ;) Macro abstract photography by Mandy Brown: Water Drops, Dewdrops, Abstract Macro Photography, Abstract Photography, Dew Drops, Oil

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@Dawn Blackman, if you were to have a baby like this, I would fucking take it in a heartbeat!! Lol, just thought of you when I saw this!: Face, Babies, Animals, Pet, Funny, Baby Monkeys, Adorable, Box, Things

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 69 Pics: Animals, Earthquake, Funny, Panda Traumatized, Leave Me, Pandas, Close

Marching Band Problems: Giggle, Band Geek, Funny, Band Memes, Band Humor, Natural, Marching Bands

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