Love this royal blue with the gray pants.

Love this royal blue with the gray pants.

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This is why I love cats: Sit, I Love Cats, Fit, Animals, Funny Cats, Crazy Cat, Kitty, Cat Lady

The Madness Itself

Mother hummingbird sitting on nest. Note that the minute nest is built upon a dangling sycamore fruit: Humming Birds, Nests, Hummingbirds, Hummingbird Nesting, Animal

Every damn time!

. If Bruiser was really tired he may like this, little cuttie.: Animals, Dogs, Boo, Pets, Puppy, Bunnies, Happy Easter, Pomeranian

Dear Nordstrom, I am so shocked that you would carry something so unstylish. This is truly creepy: Topshop Rave, Cat Shirts, Tee Petite, Fleece Tee Inspo, Topshop Cat, Pjs, Rave Cat

A late 19th century opal and diamond brooch/pendant, circa 1890 The oval cabochon opal within a scrolling single-cut diamond foliate surround, suspending an old brilliant-cut diamond drop, mounted in silver and gold

This is Allie, she is 15 years old, and can read minds. She is a tomboy and loves to cause mischief.: Guy Friends, Disney Hipster, Hipdisney Dreamworks, Princesse Disney Swag, Modern Disney, Rapunzel, Disney Modern

"king bird of paradise (This looks like it has a butterfly sitting on it). (photo via cinda.hubpages)": Exotic Birds, Poultry, Beautiful Birds, Bird Of Paradise, Animal

Sounds Like Good News