Love this simple look...

Love this simple look...

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Hatred Customs Bagger | baddest bagger in minnesota winners 2014 baddest bagger arizona ...: Harley Davidson, Cars Motorcycles, Bagger Arizona, Custom Baggers, Ass Bikes, Motorcycles Atv, Baddest Bagger, Custom Bikes, Bikes Bikes

I'm not sure how I feel about this @xXCaptainxX and anyone else on here umm: Funny, Mormon Girl, Lds, Mormon S, Mormon Friend, Mormons, Mormon Humor

Lovely birds on stalk legs - flamingos reflected in the still waters at the beach sand's edge. RESEARCH #DdO:) - - other REFLECTIONS of all sorts #Pinterest board. - That's a LOT of pink

This Woke My Inner American Up

You will never be this happy.: Doggie, Funny Dogs, Silly Dogs, Corgi, Funny Animal, So Funny, Friend

It’s All About What You’re Made Of

When You Donate Blood

40's-inspired fashion shoot. the only thing that gave away the modernity was the shoes. #fashion #retro: Inspiration, Fashion Shoot, Wardrobe, Vintage Photoshoot, 40S Inspired Outfit, Vintage Style, Vintage Clothing, Russian Dress, Ulyana Sergeenko

Beautiful blue parrots. Oh My Goodness they are beauties.: Parrots, Color, Beautiful Birds, Blue Macaw, Animal

What a small world! This gorgeous girl, Eden, is the daughter of one of my friends from Flickr. How odd to randomly run into one of her photos here on Pinterest (half a world away)!: Girls, Hairstyles, Hair Styles, Braids, Beauty, Photo, Kid