mini husky!

mini husky!

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(gif) "I don’t know what I was expecting but this was SO much better than that."

adorable Munchkin kitten. ♥♥♥: Kitty Cats, Kitten, Animals, Munchkin Cats, Adorable, Cats And Kittens, Munchkin Kittens, Photo, Cats Kittens

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Me, when I see a spider.: Funny Animals, Cats, Spiders, Gif S, Cat Gif, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Gifs, Funny Gif

LOVE just the band with no huge rock-Especially nice for those ladies who don't usually wear rings.: Wedding Ring, Eternity Band, Wedding Ideas, Diamond, Wedding Bands, Rings, Engagement Ring

I want to go bird-watching in New Guinea! Over 400 species of birds live and breed primarily on the little island: Animals, Nature, Mandarin Duck, Color, Mandarinduck, Ducks, Beautiful Birds

6 Awesome Dogs. My favorite is the one about the old tired-looking dog! So sweet!!: Awesome Dogs, Cat, Sweet, Amazing Dogs, Pet, My Heart, Puppy, Friend, Animal

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Writing prompt -- Fountains of my mind. This picture was the inspiration for my blog post "Fountains of My Mind." I couldn't find the photographer to ask permission for use on my blog, so I was not able to use the picture.: Photos, Tangled W