Monogrammed Genuine Leather Cuff Bracelets

Monogrammed Genuine Leather Cuff Bracelets

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Animals ~ If everyone took personal responsibility for their animals, we wouldn't have a lot of the animal problems that we do. I'm a big spay-and-neuter supporter. Don't have babies if you're not going to take care of those babies. We don

You say: 'I want the Truth! Please help me to find it, Mooji!' And I keep asking: 'You' or 'I' means what? Please, identify yourself. As long as 'you' as a person are there, Truth will appear obscured, eclipsed, hidden, rem

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I wore these in the '70s. They were naturally worn out though. Still love 'em. ~~g: Light Denim Jean, Skinny Jeans, Style, Dream Closet, Pants Jeans, Outfit, Cute Jeans, Light Blue Jean

pencil skirt...<3: Calf Length, Cardigan, Street Style, Jersey Pencil, Fashion Inspiration, Pencil Skirts, Work Outfits, Grey Maxi

"Took me 15 mins to read this because I was laughing so hard I couldn't see. I cried. Seriously. Read it." -- said previous person. So, while crossing my fingers (mentally of course) I start reading. Previous person gets a gold star for above

A sleeping pok?mon

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