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moving so relatable gifs |

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Adult swim

The Morale Is: It's Not Because You Feel Dumb Or Are Awkward Sometimes That You Can't Do Great Things

The Cutest Samoyed Dog

Yellow Polkadot Bikini: Sexy Yellow, Lingerie, Sexy Bikinis, Yellow Bikinis, Pants Shorts, Yellow Polkadot

"Sociable weavers construct permanent nests on trees and other tall objects. These nests are the largest built by any bird, and are large enough to house over a hundred pairs of birds, containing several generations at a time. The nests consist of sep

TINY TURTLE INVESTIGATORS! I must now acquire tiny turtles.: Tiny Turtles, Animals, Giggle, Tortoise, Stuff, Funny, Turtle Investigators, Things

Poor Doug

Awesome Tumblr 999

These Hilarious Maternity T-Shirts Almost Make Me Want To Be Pregnant Again: Hilarious Maternity, Funny Maternity Shirts, Pregnancy Announcement Shirt, Pregnancy Shirts, Good, Baby, Maternity T Shirts, Ovens

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