My Aunt Rocks

My Aunt Rocks

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Pygmy goats. How can they be so cute? :)we raised these for awhile- this one looks like "Bullet"- so named because I had promise of him being more than the runt of the litter: Farm Animals, Babies, Critters, Babygoat, Pet, Pigmy Goats, Baby Animal

Badass Muralists

For One Moment They Looked The Same

White base + rustic elements + shiny metallic accent piece + black lines + bit of greenery + dash of brown - seems to be the secret recipe for 'warm minimalism'.: Interior Design, Dining Room, Tom Dixon, For Copper, Interiors, Diningroom, Kitchen

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MUST WATCH THE FUNNIEST THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Best Vine Videos of 2013 (So Far) I laughed so hard, I cried the whole way through!

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