My Doodles - jill buckley - Picasa Web Albums

My Doodles - jill buckley - Picasa Web Albums

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This rustic ring is exquisitely crafted from naturally-shed deer antler, Desert Ironwood, and Genuine Turquoise. Each wedding band is handcrafted in Utah by Staghead Designs. Wear and be wild! | Green Bride Guide: Turquoise Inlay, Antlers, Unique Wedding

Adorable. You will want to Read this:) REALLY: Cutest Pirate, Sweet, My Heart, Pirate Kitten, Animal

mineralists: Two colorless Quartz crystals with golden Rutile needles on and inside them. there are also plates of Hematite in the center. The Rutile radiates from the Hematite center. Novo Horizonte, Brazil: Crystals Stones, Rocks Minerals, Gems Stones

I'm pretty sure that's not how you twerk. The dog is the best part!

Anna Kendrick is totally rocking the look I think it's time for me head towards... hmm...: Hair Colors, Annakendrick, Girl Crushes, Haircolor, Makeup, Celebrities, Anna Kendrick, Beautiful People, Photo

This is an amazing Flying Duck Orchid and it is a small orchid found in eastern and southern Australia. Looks just like a duck to me.: Flyingduck, Orchids, Ducks, Duckorchid, Flowers, Garden, Duck Orchid, Caleana Major

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Alexandrite - This stone can undergo a dramatic shift in colour depending on the type of light it is viewed in. A variety of Chrysoberyl, alexandrite belongs to the same family as the emerald.: Rare Gemstone, Precious Stones, Gemstone Meaning, Gemstones J

Yep, it's coming back! Such a great, versatile haircut for medium to thick hair.: Best Hairstyles, Medium Haircuts For Thick Hair, Hmmmm Hair Styles, Hair Cut, Short Hairstyles, Great Haircuts, Fine Hair Hairstyles, Old Hairstyles

This Is Why The Rock Is Awesome