My favorite plane; F4U Corsair

My favorite plane; F4U Corsair

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The best colour combinations are those that Nature approves!: Colorful Birds, Exotic Birds, Scarlet Macaw, Parrots, Google Search, Beautiful Birds, Animal

Nicole Mejia - my perfect body inspi !!!! Look at those thick legs & not bit of cellulite!! What?!?!?! <3: Nicole Maia, Curve, Girls, Sexy Girl, Body Inspiration, Hot, Fitness Motivation, Women, Nicole Mejia

How sweet is this???? #bird reflection in mirror: Mirror Mirror, Animals, Reflection, Creature, Pretty Birds, Beautiful Birds, Photo, Pretty Birdie

The second principle is the realization that you are unborn. That is you were never born, you don’t have a life now and you can never die. This principle involves realizing that we are not the body or mind, we are nothing that is temporary or comes and go

We often underestimate our pets and the love in their hearts but they prove us wrong time after time =): Picture, Dogs, Sweet, Golden Retrievers, Pet, Puppy, Baby, Friend, Animal

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Gotta go fast!

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