Nature Fights Back.

Nature Fights Back.

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Hematite with Calcite. Lovely!: Gemstones, South Africa, Rock, Minerals, Hematite Crystals

nothing can top the show that mother nature puts on daily. here, she uses dead leaves and frost. Wow.: Picture, Nature, Snow, Fall, Winter Wonderland, Beauty, Photography

Epic Jaw Drop

Boulder Opal. So beautiful! I'm trying to figure out how to make milky, translucent glass like this to fuse with.: Gemstones, Precious Stones, Stones Gems, Beautiful Stones, Minerals Rocks, Opals

Such An Awkward Situation

Wood Ducks at George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, British Columbia. Photo: TOTORORO.RORO via Flickr.: Animals, Nature, Mandarin Duck, Wood Ducks, Beautiful, Woodducks, Birds Ducks, Woods, Photo

The perfect #Coffee Cup -- Just pour the right amount of milk to match Love Coffee - Makes Me Happy: Amount, Coffee Colors, Brownish Color, Coffee Cups, Cup Of Coffee, Color Matching, Design

Nice Salad

Life Support

cat pics with funny captions | ... All Funny Animal Pictures With Captions Very Funny Cats li0tChL9: Funny Animals, Kitty Cats, Funny Animal Pictures, Funny Caption, Funny Cats, Funny Stuff, Crazy Cat, Humor