Nature Fights Back.

Nature Fights Back.

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✯ Pink Mammillaria Theresae Flowers: Beautiful Flower, Pink Flower, Cactus Succulent, Mammillaria Theresae, Cactus Flower, Flowers

The comment... omg: Giggle, Bath Tubs, Funny Stuff, Bribe Spiders, Humor, Shower, Funnies, Spider Bribery

This is what I am doing for my 3 girls for their b-day party. They can invite as many friends as they want.: Party'S, Quote, Funny Stuff, Party Idea, Humor, Funnies, Cinderella Party

And of course: scary snakes eating scary crocodiles and scaring everyone in the whole God damn state. | 26 Things That Could Only Happen In Queensland

Monkey self-portrait! // "Shutter-happy monkey turns photographer - in pictures" The Guardian, July 5, 2011

Animal Band: Oliver Otter Print: Lew Animal, Otter Opolis, Otters, Otter Print, Animal Band, Animal Prints, Products, Oliver Otter

My friend has peacocks that run around screaming in her neighborhood...its very memorable when im with her. This is a peacock, MW! Be sure to practice the trick I taught you with that peacock feather I brought you, Grams xxxxx ooooo: My Friend, Peacock Fe

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Purple butterfly nature insects Bokeh photography: Beautiful Butterflies, Animals, Nature, Purple Butterfly, Flutterby, Flower

That feeling when you leap, when you feel like your flying torwards the sky, that makes you feel like dance is the only way you can truly express yourself...: Dancing, Dancers, Dance Dance, Art, Beautiful, Vihao Pham, Ballet Photography, Ballerina, Dance