no-heat curls tutorial by blogger The Paper Mama

no-heat curls tutorial by blogger The Paper Mama

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The color is just sumptuous in this photo... about female by Mariya Vetrova, via 500px: Mariya Vetrova, Faces, Female, Color, Beautiful, Beauty, Photography, Eyes

IllustrationWeston-super-mare No color, but has similar geometry to the crystal. Gives the owl a lot of texture.: Idea, Awesome Tattoo, Geometric Animal, Owl Illustration, Owl Sketch, Art, White Owl

Every time I wake up in the morning

Why Not! The Ostrich Does It!: Animals, Moonmoon, Dogs, At The Beach, Husky, Wolves, Moon Moon, Friend

Love the black on black and neutral heels, which takes cropped city pants that usually make women look shorter and fatter and helps make the look long and lean. The nude shoes continue the illusion (black would have chopped her off at the ankles). The hat

This is the life...if you've been blessed with a have lived a good life.: Boxer Dogs, Boxers Dogs, Dog Boxers, Boxers Not Dogs But, Baby Dogs, Boxers Animals, Photo, Friend

This cat who thought a can of soda would be refreshing but was obviously very wrong. | 28 Cats Having A Way Worse Day Than You

#sexy #sexy: Girls, Face, Sexy Women, Beautiful Women, Beauty, Photo, Nicole Meyer, Eyes

Not a girl, not a girl; it's me I've got really healthy again!!! Oh and grown my hair and gotten quite a hot feminine bum too.: Body Goals, Back Muscles, Fitness Inspiration, Dream Body, Fitness Motivation, Workout

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