Nope. Not here.: Boxer Dogs, Animals, Max, Pet, Boxers, Funnies, Funny Animal

Nope. Not here.: Boxer Dogs, Animals, Max, Pet, Boxers, Funnies, Funny Animal

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Lightning Ridge light crystal opal " The rose bud" carved by Daniela l'Abbate. Archivio: Gemstone, Ridge Light, Rose Buds, Crystals Minerals, Danielalabbate, Lightning Ridge

Dressing up like the characters from Mario Cart and hitting the go cart track. :): Giggle, Mario Kart, Go Kart, Funny Stuff, Mariokart, Humor, Super Mario

Meekakitty ftw. :D My hero for this, among other reasons.: Giggle, Funny Text Wrong Number, Accidentally Texts, Funny Texts Wrong Number, Text Messages, So Funny, Wrong Number Texts

We've been taught to point out all the things that are bad, as though that makes us a good person. But when we point our finger at ANYTHING and say its wrong or bad, the law of attraction returns the negativity to us! Instead, point out what you LOVE!

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Betty White In Her 20s

super cute*I can't even comprehend how cute this is: Best Friends, Sweet, Teddybear, Teddy Bears, Orphaned Pony, Animal, Foal

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I think we take butterflies for granted, but they're so beautiful and it's so crazy how complex a life something so small can have...God worked hard on the planet He made here...: Beautiful Butterflies, Butterfly, Nature, Red Butterfly, Yellow Flo

Only To Be Worn In Situations Of Extreme Awesomeness