oh cats: Cat People, Crazy Cats, Kitty Cats, Funny Cats, Cat Owners, Car Crash, Cat Lady

oh cats: Cat People, Crazy Cats, Kitty Cats, Funny Cats, Cat Owners, Car Crash, Cat Lady

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Michigan drift

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It takes most ninjas years to perfect this trick and this bunny is like “Whatever, this is just what I do.” | 31 Extremely Talented Animals

fairy-wren: green jay: Birds Birds, Birdie, Jay Reflection, Green Jay Beautiful, Animals Birds, Bird Reflections, Beautiful Birds, Fairy Wren

DSC05452 by Phillostar Gone Ballistic, via Flickr: Owl Halloween Costume, Halloween Angel Costume, Wing Costume, Beautiful Angel, Fantasy Angel, Steampunk Halloween Costume, Steampunk Mask

Do you love the idea of a pond, but don't have an actual yard to place one in? No fear — you can cultivate a mini watery paradise on your balcony or terrace with very little effort by creating a container water garden. By selecting a variety of plants

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bow-ties are cool: Cats, Kitty Cat, Animals, Bow Ties, Bowties, Bows, Kittens

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