oh my god...so funny...every quote i read I'm crying! Modern family

oh my god...so funny...every quote i read I'm crying! Modern family

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Don't worry...your boyfriend's probably not born yet.: Funny Boyfriend, Cougar, Funny Ahahahaha, Funny Pictures, 69 Pics, Age Difference, Still Single, Boyfriends

She could grow up and wear the same boots and trench coat (or maybe an outfit she would always wear). Names-- Sadie, Julie, Becka?: Little Girls, Future Daughter, Future Children, Kids Fashion, Baby Girl, Future Kids, Baby Fashion

This is Jazhara. Jazhara is a jaglion. The jaglions have a jaguar father and a lion mother.: Wild Cat, Animals, Big Cats, Bigcats, Jaguar Father

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Have mercy... I want this one :) #Bulldog #puppy: Blue Bulldog English, English Bulldogs Puppies, English Bulldogs Puppy, Blue English Bulldog Puppy, English Bulldog Puppies, Puppys, Blue English Bulldogs

Love the emphasis on the eyes with bold liner with the rest of the makeup simple with amazing glowing skin: Hairstyles, Cat Eye, Eye Makeup, Hair Styles, Hair Makeup, Gorgeous Hair, Beauty, Hair And Makeup, Hair Color

If you actually read the book this is kind of the truth. Peter killed the lost boys when they got too old and almost let Wendy's youngest brother drowned.: Scary Stories Creepypasta, Creepy Things, Creepy Stories, Conspiricytheory Creepypastas, Creepy

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Jay-Z Talking To This Old Lady Is Pretty Damn Adorable

Cute cupcake tree stand.: Cupcake Tree, Marthastewart, Stewart Collection, Trees, Martha Stewart, Kitchen, Macys