one of my favourite birds

one of my favourite birds

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"Realizing your crawling child is now mobile" | Motherhood as I see it | fibre and spice

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Brazilian Plume Flower as a House Plant. It should be grown in bright indirect light during the growing season (Spring through Fall), with a room temp of 60°-75°. In the dormant winter months, move your plant to a cooler (55°) room where it will receive t

I would just be awkwardly sitting and trying not to laugh and give him a little wave every now and then: Cheat, Giggle, Funny Picture, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Humor, Teachers

Um I'd rather be 145lbs and adorable than 120 and skanky...just saying ha thats what I got from the picture alone, not the link: Weight Loss Program, Fitness, Lose Weight, Fat Loss, Favorite Program, Deliciously Fit, Weightloss, Healthy Gettin

Stacy Egan - Workshop 3, Watercolor Sketching & Journaling

peek-a-boo dress.

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