Paisley Attitude

Paisley Attitude

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Gypsy: #Gypsy child.: Kids Clothes, Apron Dress, Idea, Sweet, Precious Children, Boho Baby, Beautiful Children, Gypsy Girl, Photo

AC-130 Spectre Gunship. One of many solutions for ISIS and other violent, extremist muslim organizations around the world.: Ac 130 Gunship, Military Aircraft, Airplane, Funny, Military Stuff, Things, Ac130, Planes, Photo

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Black Lion.. Absolutely stunning, but scary as shit!!! Its bad enough to have a lion stalk you. But to have one that blends into the night?!?!? Game Over!!! Lbvs smh lol: Black Lions, Mill, Big Cats, Black Animal, Rare Animal, Beautiful Animals Rare, Wild

Aww Puppy.. ❤: Best Friends, Beautiful Dachshund, Mans Best Friend, Doxie Puppy, Beautiful Doxie, Dachshund Dog, Animal

Welcome to my house! L live with Molly O'Malley and Wesley at their house! LOL Wesley likes sitting by the pool! Molly just runs the house.

Tri-colored Australian Shepherd. We had an Aussie like this for many years. She was perfect in every way. Her name was Tessa.: Border Collie, Dogs, Pet, Australianshepherd, Puppys, Australian Shepherd Puppies, Aussie, Animal, Golden Retriever

Rich Ugly Guys With Hot Chicks: Second, Funny Pictures, Guess, Millionaire, Demotivational Posters, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies

This 5-minute beach wave tutorial leaves perfectly undone summer waves with just enough volume. This technique also creates volume in limp, straight hair. You can also use this method to smooth unruly natural waves.: Hair Hack, Beach Waves, Hair Trick, Ha

Adorable Italian Greyhound Puppies ♡ 》@nikiruti's. Check out the ears on the one in the middle :D: Italian Greyhound, Whippet Dog Puppy, Baby, Greyhound Puppys, Italiangreyhound, Animal