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BLACK - Black Cat. Bastet (or Bast) is a feline goddess of ancient Egyptian religion. Bastet began as a Lioness Goddess, and Gradually became a Cat Goddess. One myth relates that a lioness, fiery and wrathful, was once cooled down by the water of the lake

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All these women weigh 154 pounds! We all carry weight differently. There is no ‘right’ body type. Don’t compare yourself to other people’s bodies, learn to love the body you’re in NOW and keep your eyes on a healthy goal weight that is right for YOU.: Los

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GIF - Persian at eating with chopsticks!

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DIY Basics: Guide to Types of Chain. Don't show the Byzantine chain, however. Like the box or rope chains for my good stuff. Snakes kink far too much and your hair catches in them very easily.: Types Of, Craft, Jewelry Making, Chains, Diy Jewelry,