#peacockblue lace dress

#peacockblue lace dress

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Too cute to be real!!! "Yea, I get that a lot." ...Chihuahua: Baby Chihuahua Puppies, Teacup Chihuahuas, Applehead Chihuahua Puppies, Applehead Teacup Chihuahua, Puppys, Baby Animals, Chihuahuas Dogs

bumblebee cupcakes

The editor knows what he did

I wonder just how long she is going to keep me out here. I really wasn't that bad......: Kitty Cat, Cat Window, Doors Windows, White Cats, Curious Cat, Baby Cat, Cats Outside, Cats In Windows

A man walking along a road in the countryside comes across a shepherd and a huge flock of sheep... | #jokes #humor #puppy: Animals, Dogs, Pigtail, So Cute, Pet, Shihtzu, Puppy, Shih Tzu, Hair

Glasses wearers will know

This week in science

I Need You Grandma

Concorde Cockpit!!.... My dream was to fly this amazing bird. It will just have to stay a dream!: Aerospace, Pearl, Button, Dream

I think he swallowed a lightning bug. (photo by Beth Keplinger, via Flickr): Amphibian Frog, Feelin Froggy, Frogs Toads Turtles Lizards, Fantastic Frogs, Amphibians Reptiles, Flutter Frogs, Amazing Frogs