peridot for august!

peridot for august!

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Too cute.. Now that we are moving to Montana this is a must for Kennedy when she is older: Babies, Little Girl, Country Girl, Cowgirl Outfit, Baby Girl, Kids, Photo

(I may have already 'pinned' this, but it deserves another... babies and cats just go together!) awwww...: Cats, Animals, Sweet, Pet, Baby, Kids, Kitty, Photo, Friend Free #Astrology Natal Chart Reading & #Horoscope (for the 50% discount write to Pisces, Scorpio, Horoscope, Astrology, Polarities, Cancer Zodiac Signs, Opposite Signs, Virgo

The Best Present

FAITH IN HUMANITY...RESTORED: Animal Rights, Animal Cruelty, Faith In Humanity Restored, Animal Abuse, Faith Restored, Faith In Humanity Dogs, Animalabuse, So Sad

Are you really going to wear that!!!: Cats, Animals, Pets, Curious Cat, Funny, Kitty Kitty, Kittens, Feline, Photo

Nostalgic Retrovision!

16 Engagement Rings That Have Us Saying "I Do!" Melissa Joy Manning Herkimer Diamond Ring, $350, available at Melissa Joy Manning. (at this price, I might be saying "I Do" to myself!): Raw Diamond Ring, Manning Herkimer, Diamond Rings, M

This Crab Is Cooler Than I’ll Ever Be

Living with amnesia