Pink + Grey spring combo...I love this so much! !

Pink + Grey spring combo...I love this so much! !

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Think you're having a bad day? Think again.

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ANGEL OF PEACE BY JERRY GADAMUS: Angels Ahead, Peace Dove, Angels Brought, Angels Churches, Angels Among Us, Gadamus Angel, Heavenly Angels, Angels Amoung

A surprise 21st birthday cake - chocolate mud with an RKT topper decod with fondant stones and dragees All I can say is CLASSIC STUNNING GORGEOUS CAKE!: Jewelry Display, Amazing Cakes, Cake Ideas, 21St Birthday Cakes, Creative Cakes, Beautiful Cakes, F

Cross Your Arms Once You Enter The After Life

Sebastião Salgado: Salty Sebastião, Photos, Photographer, Salty Sebastiao, People, Black, Photography

"In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak..." Acts 20:35.: Animals, Dogs, Friends, Sweet, Pets, Adorable, Lamb, Photo

here it is. the gigantic guide to gemstones, for research, gemsona, or any other purposes u need i spent my whole day doing this so ur welcome - by kyaku on tumblr: Gemstone Chart, Gemstones Minerals, Steven Universe, Gemstones Crystals, Beautiful Gemston

Australia’s Danger Rating

"Purple Sequin Skirt" If only I had some place to wear this!