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Now This Is Truly Genius

Now this is a power suit! Sophisticated and a bit sexy, charcoal gray/espressro suit with clean lines. Larger accessories add a little spice. More conservative look would include smaller earrings (hoops or even pearls) Wear with neutral shoes. #suits #

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El Husky Siberiano es un perro que siempre pide atención y amplios espacios para correr. No es un perro de guardia sino de compañía. Si lo dejas solo sufrirá y se angustiará muchísimo.: Siberian Husky, Husky Siberiano, Snow Dogs, Dog I Ll, Dressed Husky,

I want to wear this with some adjustments. I have black and white coat and blue shirt and short black boots. Different but still winter like.: Style, Holiday Outfit, Winter Outfit, Christmas Outfits, Polyvore, Winter Red, Fall Winter