purple and mint

purple and mint

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dutch braids & fishtail: Ombre Braid, Fish Tail, Hairstyles, Hair Styles, Makeup, Dutch Braids

Something you will never see... F-117s in Thunderbird Motif: Airplanes Airplanes, Fighter Planes, Hot Rods Planes, Airplanes Rockets, Military Planes, F 117 Thunderbirds, Fighter Test Aircraft, Transportation Airplanes

Jelsa have a little fun by LilyScribbles: Jelsa ️ ️, Jack Frost, ️Jelsa ️, Frozen Jelsa Secret, Jack O'Connell, Jelsa Jack, Jack Elsa, Jelsa Forever, Disney

I NEED this dress!! One in black too!! Omg a grey one for more casual n cld u imagine this in OXBLOOD?! yes!

To all LotR "fans" out there.--- HOW HAVE I NOT KNOWN THAT SAURON HAD AN ACTUAL BODY FOR SO MANY YEARS I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF: Rings Hobbit, Lotr Facts, Lotr Movies, Lotr Fans, Tolkien S, Middle Earth, Lotr Hobbit, Lord Of The Rings

The sun over a year

Silvia Dimitrova: Plunge Bra, Beautiful Bras, Breast Size, Silvia Dimitrova, Boost Bra, Sexy Lingerie, Bewbs Bras

I look like this after a Crossfit workout almost every time... train insane :): Embracethehurt Feelawesome, Fitness Quote, Workout Inspiration, Crossfit Workout, Fitness Inspiration Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Motivation Inspiration

One of the cutest puppies you have ever seen: Animals, Dogs, Pet, Puppys, Box, Pomeranian

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