Random Fun Facts – 15 Pics: Animals, Stuff, Creatures, Fun Facts, Things, Weird, Rocks

Random Fun Facts – 15 Pics: Animals, Stuff, Creatures, Fun Facts, Things, Weird, Rocks

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"You can stand yourself back up," the tiny goat said to the baby, "but I'm just going to head butt you and knock you down again.": Tiny Animal, Dzieci Children, Animals Wow, Baby Goat, Toddler, Boy, Kid

I have seen a panel video where I think it's Jensen says that they almost never stop rolling the cameras because that's where they get all their good blooper reel footage, and even something they can put in the episode.: Yellow Fever, Episode, Sup

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The thousands of miles that hummingbirds migrate each year - often returning to the exact same place - is literally awesome. Their stamina and built-in GPS units just amaze me.: Animals, Humming Birds, Humming-Bird, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds, Beautiful B