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I love this ! Such a great reminder what blessings children are. So while others want abortions or have kids and don't care for them, just remember someone, somewhere wants a child - like me, I still want a child...even just one.: Cry Awesome, Blessin

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French bulldog yoga =): Animals, French Bulldogs, Frenchbulldog, Puppy, Frenchie

Make A Chignon For Your Hair, don't really care for the piece in her hair but love the idea: Idea, Hairstyles, Hairdos, Hair Styles, Makeup, Updos, Hair Do, Side Bun, French Twist

The teensiest, cutest little chameleons ever. These can't be real!: Baby Chameleons, Babies, Nature, Creature, So Cute, Pets, Baby Animals, Reptile

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There is a cardinal pair that comes to my feeder every year. I'm always so happy to see them.: Picture, Animals, Female Cardinal, Beautiful, Cardinals Birds, Couple, Winter Birds, Photo

Aww.... this is sooo cute. The elephant isn't afraid at all. It's amazing to me how something so big & strong can be so gentle & caring for others. Elephants are amazing! God bless them all :): Elephants, Animal Friendship, Animals, Best F