Snow Puppy. What a perfect shot ! He is on a  mission.

Snow Puppy. What a perfect shot ! He is on a mission.

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Jess Rockwell: Jessica Rockwell, Jess Rockwell

Give me a 7 minute power nap and I'll be good to go!: Silly Corgi, Bassets Corgis, So Tired, Welsh Corgis, Corgi S, Comfy Corgi, Corgis Rule, Corgi Tastic, Animal

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"Took me 15 mins to read this because I was laughing so hard I couldn't see. I cried. Seriously. Read it." -- said previous person. So, while crossing my fingers (mentally of course) I start reading. .....I just laughed so hard that it literal

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Love this. Such a beautiful way of showing that we are more then what's normally seen: Universe Full, Life, Inspiration, Quotes, Secrets, Truth, Thought, Introvert Quote

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