sparrow(chorai pakhi barota)

sparrow(chorai pakhi barota)

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I must get a Doberman! This pic is beautiful, and perfect for this time of year.: Fall Dobermans, Fantastic Dogs, Doberman Dogs, Doberman Animals, Classic Autumn, Doberman Pet, Autumn Dobermanas

KM - Russian "Caspian Sea Monster" Ekranoplan. The biggest ground-effect vehicle ever designed: 100 meters long, weight: 544 tons, powered by ten Dobryin VD-7 turbojet engines: Turbojet Engines, Aviation, Caspian Sea, Aircraft, Sea Monsters, Vehic


☂ Raindrops and Rainy Mondays Always Chase Away the Blues and Bring On the Rainbows !! <3

Chinese Moon Moth // Actias ningpoana of Saturniidae, a sub-species of Actias selene.

76 hand drawn watercolor graphic elements -Flowers, -Leaves -Arrows -Feathers -Flower posies -Floral wreaths - for DIY invitations, etc.: Pack Vol 2, Watercolors, Diy Watercolor Flower, Watercolor Flowers, Watercolor Idea, Diy Pack

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Hercules crossing the road ( why did the Hercules cross the road ? To land on the nearby landing strip of course !! ) ( lol ): C 130 Hercules, Aircraft Military, Airplanes Jets Aircrafts, C130 Hercules, Airplane Military, Planes Trains, Airplanes Helicopt

Dipper + Nosebleed = Hot by markmak on deviantART: Gravity Falls Wendy, Gravity Falls Ships, Gravity Falls Dipper And Wendy, Cool Gravity Falls Stuff, Dipper Nosebleed, Markmak Gravity Falls, Gravitys Falls, Gravity Falls 1

Click on the GIF and watch the picture become a moving one. it takes a moment to get to its best. I think it is so cool to watch.