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Gartrellite on Carminite - both hideously rare and WHAT a combo! #pixiecrystals: Gems Crystals Fossils Minerals, Gems Minerals, Crystals Gems, Gemstones Minerals, Gem Stones, Rocks Minerals, Gemstones Crystals, Minerals Gems, Minerals Rocks Gemstones

Hidden Valley Hibiscus ~ Hibiscus Pigments ~ Why do Hibiscus Flowers Change Colors?: Hibiscus Saffron, Flowers Nature, Flr Hibiscus, Color, Flowers Plants, Hibiscus Flowers, Valley Hibiscus, Flowers Hibisbus

The Chicago World's Fair Century of Progress Exposition of 1933 was held to celebrate the city's centennial and was built around a theme of technological innovation. The fair's motto was: "Science Finds, Industry Applies, Man Conforms."

What is your Spirit GIF? You got Goat On Ice. You’re willing to take chances, and sometimes it looks like it’s going to go horribly wrong — but in the end it pays off in style. Like this goat. This goat is a hero. (OMG this GIF summarizes my whole life i

Perfectly Drizzled Chocolate - And set it down in a mason jar of warm water to keep it melted: Baking Tips, Christmas Baking, Decorative Christmas Dessert, Idea, Perfectly Drizzled, Drizzled Chocolate, Warm Water, Cooking Tips

Rebel Wilson, sooo funny!: Giggle, Rebel Wilson, Rebelwilson, So Funny, Grandma, Fat Amy, Necklace, Fatamy

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 74 Pics: Babies, Animals, Dogs, Sweet, Funny Pictures, Pet, Funny Animal, Friend, Golden Retriever

"Life is not Always Crystal Clear" ...So Each Day we should Live, Laugh, Love...Even Life Has an Expiration Date.: Gem Stones, Gemstone Minerals Crystals, Minerals Crystals Gems, Rocks Minerals, Gems Stones, Minerals Gemstones, Crystals Rock

Hemimorphite crystal sprays on matrix. Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico.: Crystal Mexico, Gems Crystals Minerals, Crystals And Minerals, Minerals Crystals, Crystals Presents, Hemimorphite Crystals, Minerales Crystals, Crystal Sprays

This was me the past couple of days. Insomnia is a fun thing to have in college.: Corgis, Puppies, Animals, Dogs, Pets, Funny, Puppys, Adorable