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Blue-eared kingfisher. The usual habitat is pools or streams in dense evergreen forest and sometimes mangroves, situated under 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) of altitude.: Azure Kingfisher, Beautiful Birds, Beautifulbirds, Bird Watching, Blue Eared Kingfishers,

"I" statements of each sign - Scorpio is supposed to be "I desire": Zodiac Signs, Horoscopes, Books, Zodiac Astrology, Quotes, Things, Aquarius, Cancer

Putting a giant bell, sunglasses and cabbage on the head of a cat is SUCH a good idea! Obviously the person who owns this cat now always sleeps with one eye open.: Cool Cats, Hats, Animals, Cabbage, Funny Cat, Pets, Kitty

F&O Forgotten Nobility: Airplanes Rockets, Aircraft Spacecraft, Airplanes Cars Trucks Harleys, 33 Air Plan, Aviones Airplanes, Aircraft Vehicles, F 111 Aardvark

Father's Day Cards: http://www.househunt.com/news-realestate/fathers-day-diy/ Without me this day wouldn't man much.... Lol: Printable Cards, Gift Ideas, Downloadable Cards, Funny Cards, Fathersday, Card Ideas, Dads, Funny Father S, Fathers Day Ca

When School Gets Hard, Just Remember

What does your sign say about you? | www.mooreaseal.com: Zodiac Signs, ️Libra ️, Awesome, Libra Zodiac, Fair Libra, Cards Designs

Carefully checking things out! #kittens #pets facebook.com/sodoggonefunny: Farm, Kitty Cats, Animals, Pet, Children, Kitty Kitty, Country Life, Barn Kittens

Girls, speak up!

The Car I Can Afford