Strappy back maxi

Strappy back maxi

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I never thought about this before. I always thought the male-dominated career Barbies were a recent attempt to save Barbie and her reputation financially for Mattel...: Barbie Feminist, Feminism Quotes, Sexism Quotes Feminism, Barbie Feminism, Antifeminis

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"When she walked she stretched out long and thin like a little tiger, and held her head high to see over the grass as if she was treading the jungle." --Sarah Orne Jewett: Cats Meow, Kitty Cats, Pretty Cat, Cats 12, Blue Eyes, Kitty Kitty, Cat S,

I guess really I'm going to end up leaning into a modern farmhouse-style kitchen, huh.: Kitchens, Big Window, Interior, Idea, Kitchen Window, Country Kitchen, House, Rustic Kitchen

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Million Dollar Spaghetti. This is a favorite--one the college kids pick as one of their "last meals" before they leave for the semester!: Easy Kids Meals Dinner, College Meal, Cream Cheese, Million Dollar Spaghetti, Favorite One, Easy College Din

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I love when German Shepherd's ears go crooked when they're puppies. Too cute!