✯ Street style ✯: Sock, Sweater, Fashion, Street Style, Outfit, Knee Highs, Elbow Patch, Fall Winter

✯ Street style ✯: Sock, Sweater, Fashion, Street Style, Outfit, Knee Highs, Elbow Patch, Fall Winter

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Chalcanthite: Its name derives from the Greek words chalkos and anthos, meaning copper flower, is a richly-colored blue/green water-soluble sulfate mineral. It is commonly found in the late-stage oxidation zones of copper deposits. Due to its ready solubi

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Carrollite, CuCo2S4, is a sulfide of copper and cobalt, often with substantial substitution of nickel for the metal ions, and a member of the linnaeite group.: Stones Minerals Crystals, Crazy Rocks, Rocks Quart Fluonite Minerals, Rocks Crystals, Crystals

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+ Rutilated Quartz | Rutilated quartz is quartz stone with rutile enclosures. Rutile is a mineral that is made up mostly of titanium dioxide, or TiO2. As a mineral, rutile is very high on the refractive index and disperses more than almost any other miner