such a cute little face!! <3

such a cute little face!! <3

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Her Memes Are Much More Dank Too

The Goliath bird-eating spider (South America) weighs in at 170 grams and has a leg span of 30 centimeters.: Goliath Birdeater, Animals, American Goliath, Spiders, South American, Puppy Sized Spider, Eating Spider

Cats are great

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Brilliant comment, and gets funnier the longer you look at the pic: Field, Picture, Giggle, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Giant Sprinting, Comment

This Is How You Know If She Likes You

this is so unique. i don't know if i'd want it as an engagement ring (it is slightly too much metal for my liking) but as a promise ring this is lovely: Wedding Ring, Engagementring, Style, Wedding Ideas, Weddings, Jewelry, Engagement Rings

Sh*t just got real

K whoever signed us up for this is going to find a surprise in their shoe later c/o us!!!!: Doggie, Swimming Lessons, Animals, French Bulldogs, Pets, Frenchbulldog, Puppy