Swan with Babies

Swan with Babies

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XD: Uruk Hai Scimitar, Lotr, Face, Hero, Urukhai, Best Friend, So Funny

It’s Hard To Be Superman

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A Truly Majestic King

A hedgehog

INKA // Inka Williams by Eddie NewBeauty - Isabella Schimid / Styling - Ella Murphy #beauty #brows #eyebrows: Models Face, Asymmetrical Eyebrows, Girl, Asymmetrical Face, Baby Face, Beauty Queen, Inka William

Never get between a girl and her chicken. :): Chicken Hug, Chicken Lover, Girl, Chicken Or, Chicken Coops, Chick Chick, Cluck, Catching Chickens

Fall container plantings - ornamental kale, chartreuse sweet potato vines and variegated vinca will work well in warmer climates.: Container Gardens, Garden Ideas, Interior Design Blogs, Sweet Potato Vines, Container Gardening, Flower Boxes, Window Boxes

It’s Hard Out There For A Clip

He Isn’t Mad, He’s Just Disappointed