Swan with Babies

Swan with Babies

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A kitten in a tiny sombrero. How could I not repin this?!: Hats, Cats, Tiny Sombrero, Animals, Five, Crazy Cat, Kittens, Kitty

Oh, Just Butterfly Stuff I Guess

Throwin Hunnits

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Ay Lmao Twitter - Anime Edition

A hedgehog

Would love to see this One of the world’s largest amethyst geodes, the Empress of Uruguay, is located in Australia’s Crystal Caves. It stands an alarming eleven feet tall and is filled with magnificent, deep violet crystals.

This would be the PERFECT moment to sing the first verse of "Don't Stop Believing" and have the rest of the class finish it verse by verse.: Teacher Friends, Idea, Epic Teacher, Best Teacher Ever, Awesome Teachers, Teacher Win, Funny Stuff, Hi

A Lovebird... all alone.. by itself. I am going to have to learn how to use oil pastels. This is too pretty...: Animal Pics, Lovebird Bailey, Pretty Birds, Beautiful Birds, Peaches, Photo, Peach Faced Lovebird