talons. Golden Eagle?: Animals, Creature, Golden Eagle, Eagles, Photo, Birds

talons. Golden Eagle?: Animals, Creature, Golden Eagle, Eagles, Photo, Birds

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13 Ways Black Cats Make Life Amazing #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/the-dodo/64#slide5 They're considered lucky in Japan. (There's even a black-cat cat cafe!): Black Cats, Cat Cafe, Crazy Cat, Blackcats, Gorgeous Cat, Kitty, Cat Lady, Ani

Okay... you have to read the reviews for this pen! They are hilarious! hahahaha i actually did and they're great: Really Funny, Product Reviews Funny, Amber Medium, Funny Stuff, Hysterical Laughter, Amazon Reviews, Amazon Reviewers, Funny Reviews

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Carefully checking things out! #kittens #pets facebook.com/sodoggonefunny: Farm, Kitty Cats, Animals, Pet, Children, Kitty Kitty, Country Life, Barn Kittens

Ever wonder just how strong a tailhook is? Navy F-9F Cougar. Forget the kitten poster. This brings a whole new dimension to "Hang in there, baby.": Thank God, Aircraft Carrier, Navy F 9F, Aircraft, Antique Airplanes, Navy Plane, Military Airplanes

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