The BEST pecan pie ever

The BEST pecan pie ever

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My friend's dad in the '80s...

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Massive Male Red Kangaroo: Animals, Male Red, Kangaroos, Sunset, Funny, Massive Male, Kangaroo 6 7, Photo

I Love This Shower Curtain

The sharp edges on this ring add strong definition and turn this simple piece into a powerful eye catcher. #edges #corners #rings: Smile Silver, Finer Silvery, Silvery Smile, Simple Silver Ring, Silver Rings, Minimalistic Ring

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Black Serval. What's jada would look like if she was a cat : Rare Black, Beautiful Cat, Rare Cat, Big Cats, Rare Animal, Savannah Cat, Wild Cats, Black Serval

Audi A9 concept car, paint changes colors: A9 Concept, Audi Concept, Audi A9, Vehicle, Dream Cars, Concept Cars

Some seriously awkward old album covers