the stupid, it burns

the stupid, it burns

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Hahaha! It's a good thing my hubby opposes technology and will never see this on FB or Pinterest bc he would buy this!: Little Girls, My Daughter, Future Daughter, My Girl, Baby Girls, Babies Clothes, Kid

Gaaah that's too adorable.: Picture, Fish Cake, Walrus S, Happy Birthday, Animals, So Cute, Birthdays, Funny, Birthday Cakes

I check all heating appliances before I leave to make sure they are off…and yet I still imagine this scenario at some point during the...: Flat Irons, Sarah Andersen, Doodletime, Hair Straightener, Doodle Time, Funny Stuff, Humor, Things

Edward Gorey, American writer and illustrator: Cats, Books, Ernest Hemingway, Edwardgorey, Edward Gorey, Artist, Photo, People

Poiteau Fruit Prints Pomologie Francaise 1846 Pomme Calville Coeur de Boeuf: Botanical Illustration, Francaise 1846, Vintage Fruit, Poiteau Fruit, Prints Pomologie, Fruit Prints, Botanical Art, Botanical Fruit

In that episode I thought lizzie was gonna kill Judith. It looked like she was suffocating her: Thewalkingdead, Dead Humor, The Walking Dead, Lizzie, Funny, Dead Meme, Baby, Twd

I have to admit these little fellas are cute, and I use to take care of some... but they really piss you off when they eat your couple month old columbia jacket just because you threw it down just close enough to their cage as you ran out for class.: Anim

I find myself saying this a lot at work. I get a lot of grief for not pigging out all day long on junk food! I'm just pigging out on soup and fruit and coffee and... oh yeah, that damn granola bar. : I M Eating, Diet, Weight Loss, Fitness, Healthy Ea

Alpaca Ornament with Alpaca Hat CUTE! This decorative miniature Alpaca Ornament is adorable. The little Hat ("chullo") even has slots for the ears!

Funny..: Funny Animals, Face, Giggle, Dogs, Boxer, Humor, Funnies, Mom