thefullerview:  (via Saint Laurent | b l a c k - a n d …)

thefullerview: (via Saint Laurent | b l a c k - a n d …)

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*opens fortune cookie* “you will be watched by a ninja cat today.” *looks to the cat* *dun-dun-duuunnnn!!!!*: Funny Animal Picture, Funny Animals, Funny Cat, Funny Picture, Funny Stuff, Ninjas, Ninja Cats

ooooooh i like this Hannah - this is so easy if you use the tips you got at your art class Saturday!: Peacocks, Idea, Watercolors, Art, Water Color, Watercolor Peacock, Tattoo, Painting

Puppy kisses Kick start your weight loss today with Plus get 10% off with the code PINTEREST10 at the end of checkout.: Cute Puppies, Animals, Dogs, Golden Retrievers, Puppys, Bubble Gum, Puppy Kisses, Golden Retriever Puppies

One Picture, One Story

One Of The Many Reasons I Like Ed Sheeran

One of the best lines in this movie. My cousins quote this movie all the time: Free Nacho, Face, Nachos, Quote, Movies, Nacholibre, Funny, Favorite Movie

One of the best articles on natural garden pest and weed control I've read- all right from your kitchen!: Garden Problems, Garden Pests, Simple Solutions, 35 Natural, Disease Remedies, Gardening Pest, Natural Remedies

once you heal enough and learn about authentic human love then you are ready to open and learn about divine love <3: Pink Flowers, Nature, Color, Flowers Plants, Pink Pink, Beautiful Flowers, Garden

once upon a time, an adorable puppy named demon used to do this to me when i would crash on a friends couch. i enjoyed the cuddling.: Great Danes, Animals, Dogs, Pets, Funny, Blankets

OMG you will LOL when you see it. I laughed so hard!!: Funny Things, Funny Shit, Funny Pictures, Demotivational Posters, Funny Stuff, Humor, Baby, Breastfeeding